Mission: To address the shortage of surgical masks in the fight against COVID-19, collaborators with Stanford roots launched a free iPhone app, called MyMask, available soon in the Apple App store. The app creates a 3D printable model of a mask engineered to fit individual’s unique face using the same depth-sensing technology that powers Apple’s Face ID. Loose-fitting protection, such as surgical masks and bandanas, lack proper fit. As such, the CDC and NIOSH do not consider or approve them as respiratory protection. The MyMask app addresses this challenge by harnessing facial scanning technology to design a custom-fit mask with a tight but comfortable seal. After a quick scan, the personalized file is sent to a digital manufacturer, fabricated, and paired with off-the-shelf filter and straps. The masks, intended to withstand repeated sterilization between wears, are based on an NIH reviewed model and have undergone rigorous testing.


  1. Stanford’s office of technology and licensing (OTL) started a Covid platform with Harvard and MIT at the beginning of the pandemic (since extended to other institutions). We are now one of the 18 projects that Stanford is licensing.
  2. Our Non profit website
  3. Provisional IP filed 4/24/2020 (serial # 63/015,176)
  4. Stanford OTL began pitching the project to over 100 companies today, also to launch social medial campaign next week. We already have 2 inquiries from Envisiontec, MedMasks. Scheduled discussions with NYU and Mass Gen for trials of the app and mask
  5. We are currently working on getting both the App and the mask (surgical and respirator) through FDA approval