In excess of 1.6 million patients undergo mechanical ventilation in the US every year.  Patients identify the endotracheal tube as the single most prominent source of pain and discomfort during an ICU stay.  As a result, many mechanically ventilated patients are deeply sedated as a routine practice, despite evidence that sedation contributes to delirium, deconditioning, pressure ulcers, and increased length of stay in the hospital.  A Biodesign group of alumni the originated AWAIR Wyshbone device, a bifurcated catheter that delivers topical anesthetic to the bilateral posterior pharynx to decrease patient discomfort associated with intubation.  This mechanism of pain management provides an adjunct or alternative to systemic sedatives and analgesics, including opiates.  This approach has the potential to fundamentally alter patients’ ICU course and outcomes.te any discomfort or stimulation due to the applicator itself.